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PHILIPS TBS LUMINAIRE T5 Office - Sereno 528 Series

Written By Distributor Lampu Philips PT Savont Varavi IND on Selasa, 08 Maret 2016 | 03.47

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PHILIPS TBS LUMINAIRE T5 Office - Sereno 528 Series

The Philips TBS 528 and 869 are a range of recessed TL5 luminaires that feature superior optics with Philips patented 3 Dimensional Omni-directional Luminance Control (OLC). This feature provides excellent performance in terms of efficiency, uniformity and glare. Dimming options available on request

Main Applications: 
• Conference rooms, Retail and department stores, Schools, Childcare services 
• Service Areas (Restaurant, Cafes) Reception and public service areas 
• General Office areas and corridors Choices of Optics: 
• M8 for TBS528: Micro comfort optic, Matt finish, LOR up to 64%, UGR 16 
• D8-H for TBS869: Micro high efficiency optic, Semi high gloss finish, LOR up to 86%, UGR 17 Main Features: • Quick external connection without having to remove louvres 
• Easy replacement of lamps, only have to remove 1 reflector 
• Ultra Flat only 47mm deep 
• Perforated infill panel 
• Complete with flex & plug 
• T5 4000K lamps included

Product ID L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) 2 x TL5-14W 595 295 47 3 x TL5-14W 595 595 47 4 x TL5-14W 595 595 47 2 x TL5-28W 1195 295 47 3 x TL5-28W 1195 595 47 Dimensions in mm (Nominal)

TBS528 2xTL5-14W HF M8 IPPTBS528 2xTL5-14W HF M8 IPP
TBS528 3xTL5-14W HF M8 IPPTBS528 3xTL5-14W HF M8 IPP
TBS528 2xTL5-28W HF M8 IPPTBS528 2xTL5-28W HF M8 IPP
TBS528 3xTL5-28W HF M8 IPPTBS528 3xTL5-28W HF M8 IPP
TBS528 4xTL5-14W HF M8 IPPTBS528 4xTL5-14W HF M8 IPP
TBS528 3xTL5-14W HFA P FUTBS528 3xTL5-14W HFA P FU
TBS528 4xTL5-14W HFA P FUTBS528 4xTL5-14W HFA P FU
TBS528 2xTL5-28W HFA P FUTBS528 2xTL5-28W HFA P FU
TBS528 3xTL5-28W HFA P FUTBS528 3xTL5-28W HFA P FU

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