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PHILIPS SmartPanel

People appreciate indoor spaces that are easy on the eye and at the same time refreshing to the mind. This is especially relevant for spaces where you want to ensure a relaxing yet energizing atmosphere, e.g. in working environments, retail and healthcare. SmartPanel panel is a LED-based luminaire with an innovative, slim shape that delivers a uniform surface of light – a truly attractive proposition. Suitable for recessed (lay-in only) and suspended mounting, the range offers a choice of sizes, color temperatures and DALI dimming. In addition, it comes with all the benefits of LED technology: it is, for example, longlasting and energy-efficient. In short, SmartPanel panel represents an excellent deal for those looking for pleasant and efficient lighting. 

 • Pleasing surface of light
 • Slim, attractive form factor
 • Energy-efficient
 • Uniform surface of light, thanks to advanced lightguide technology
 • Very slim panel height, thanks to side-lit LED lighting
 • Low energy consumption, thanks to efficient LED technology
 • Choice of sizes and two color temperatures
 • Available with fixed or dimmable driver
 • Offices
 • Retail
 • Healthcare 

RC160V LED25S/840 PSU W60L602500lm fixed 60x60 recessed
RC160V LED25S/840 PSU W30L1202500lm fixed 30x120 recessed
RC160V LED34S/840 PSU W60L603400lm fixed 60x60 recessed
RC160V LED34S/840 PSU W30L1203400lm fixed 30x120 recessed
RC160V LED34S/840 PSD W60L603400lm DALI dimmable 60x60 recessed
RC160V LED34S/840 PSD W30L1203400lm DALI dimmable 30x120 recessed
RC160Z SMS PSDSuspension kit for DALI dimmable
RC160Z SMS PSUSuspension kit for fixed driver

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