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TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF M2

Written By Distributor Lampu Philips PT Savont Varavi IND on Jumat, 27 Januari 2017 | 07.26

Kap lampu RM Philips, TBS318 Philips

The TBS318 recessed luminaire offers the ideal combination of stylish design and optimum
performance for both task and general lighting.
It is available for TLD fluorescent lamps and a wide range of optics and plates. This versatile luminaire fits
into standard, modular visible profile ceilings as well as concealed profile ceilings with the right choice of
accessories. TBS318’s housing is designed with air-slots offering you enhanced user comfort via better heat
management. All of which makes the luminaire suitable for many interior lighting applications, from open
plan offices to shops to public spaces.

TBS318 C 1xTL-D18W HF M2TBS318 C 1xTL-D18W HF M2
TBS318 C 1xTLD-18W HF PTBS318 C 1xTLD-18W HF P
TBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF M2TBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF M2
TBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF PTBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF P
TBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF M2TBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF M2
TBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF PTBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF P
TBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF M2TBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF M2
TBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF PTBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF P
TBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF M2TBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF M2
TBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF PTBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF P
TBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF M2TBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF M2
TBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF PTBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF P
TBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF M2TBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF M2
TBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF PTBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF P
TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF M2TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF M2
TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF PTBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF P

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